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The 10,000,000 Bodies That Arrived In America Were Not African, But Were Instead European

The idea that upward to 10million Africans were taken from their homes or sold by their own people, and crammed into ship hulls for up to three months with minimal food and water then forced to cultivate unknown lands for hundreds of years is outright ridiculous. The "Transatlantic Slave Trade" narrative continues to perpetuate the idea that all melanated people in North, Central and South America are the descendants of African slaves who were inferior to their "superior white counterparts". Let's make it make sense...

This post will help illustrate the reality that European men did not transport millions of "African bodies" to America, but in fact transported millions of Europeans to America. Elementary information will be used to clarify this claim. To begin, let's name the obvious; crossing the Atlantic Ocean between 1400 and 1800 was expensive, time consuming, and extremely dangerous. For these fundamental reasons, European merchants were better off going directly to their desired destination(s).

The "Transatlantic Slave Trade" narrative identifies the 1700's as the peak of the affairs. Common knowledge tells us that during the 1700's the more commonly used European sea vessel could hold as little as 80 and as many as 180 immigrants (including crewmen). It was essential for European merchants to be strategic about the number of passengers to take on a voyage. This is due to the complex challenges with compensating and feeding larger crews, as well as having enough provisions for additional passengers during the voyage, and for several weeks after the arrival to America. For these fundamental reasons, European merchants wouldn't trade their resources for additional mouths/bodies to care for.

A direct journey from Europe/England to Cape Cod would have taken roughly 8-10 weeks to complete. This means that 100 Europeans are crammed in the hulls of sea vessels with rats, famine, and limited food and water for two months with the hope of acquiring a sense of land or freedom away from European rule. Additionally, some merchants were awarded significant amounts of acres by the developing government for each healthy body transported and able to work. The longer the bodies were on the sea vessel the more the merchant placed himself at risk of gaining little-to-nothing for his efforts and investments. Merchants would risk an additional 6-8 weeks on the water if they decided to journey to West Africa (Ghana) for more bodies that they would have to care for. For these fundamental reasons, European merchants were better off going directly to their desired destination(s).

While we can't identify the exact duration of how long Europeans migrated to America, we can utilize the information provided to us in history books and say that for roughly 176 consecutive years, Europeans were migrating to North, Central and South America (1607 - 1783). General groups included the English, Quakers, Scottish, Scotch-Irish, Dutch, Swedish and German. Germans were one of the largest ethnic groups to arrive in America. Other groups included the French, Huguenots, Italians, Mennonites, Minorcans, Spanish, Corsicans, Mormons, Norwegians, Palatines, and Russians. The intent for each of these groups were to survive the voyage, and acquire an inkling of opportunity for social, political and/or economic mobility. Trading their time, energy, and resources for additional "African bodies" was irrational. For these fundamental reasons, European merchants were better off going directly to their desired destination(s).

In conclusion, the 10,000,000 bodies that arrived in America were not African, but were instead European.

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