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For Entertainment Purposes Only: DNA home kits result in nothing more than "statistical guesses"

NO! I am not a geneticist, nor do I claim to be an experienced professional in the field of genealogy. However, there are more than enough experienced professionals in the field of genealogy that have told us to take the results provided by DNA test kits with a grain of salt. In fact, there is a growing common knowledge about these test kits; that common knowledge is to know that ALL of the commercially publicized DNA test kits are for entertainment purposes only.

Dr. Rick Kittles of African Ancestry stated during a 60 Minutes interview that his company "can provide some level of PROBABILITY in terms of frequency". What does "some level of probability" mean? Well, "some level" means general viewpoint, and "probability" is simply how likely something is to happen. In short, the scientists at African Ancestry (as well as other DNA test kit facilities) are providing you with nothing more than a general viewpoint of how likely you are related to someone on the other side of the world. Kittle's states in the same interview that the percentage of DNA they are able to EXPLORE is less than .1% As Professor of Evolutionary Genetics, Mark Thomas stated, "This is business, and the business is genetic Astrology".

Video clip from 60 MIN with Rick Kittles.

What's most unfortunate is that Henry Louis Gates Jr. has admitted to working with Dr. Kittles to sell "African Americans" the idea/hope that they could find their African ancestors. In the video, Gates states that he called Kittles to tell him, "when the results come in, make her (Oprah) a Zulu... You're back there making it up anyway! Don't nobody believe you can take some spit and figure out a tribe! What are you crazy?" You can view the video in its entirety by clicking the link under resources titled: Henry Louis Gates or watch from 31:44 - 39:13. Gates has expressed on multiple occasions that he envied Alex Haley's success with misleading millions of people around the world with the plagiarized fairytale book and movie titled, ROOTS.

A number of professors and scientists in the field of genetics such as David Balding, Mark Jobling, Tracey Brown, Steve Jones, Lounes Chikhi, and Mike Weale have all concluded DNA home kits are limited in actual scope, and that the companies collecting your DNA are doing nothing more than telling you what you want to here. Timothy Coffield, who studies the Ancestry business refers to the home test kits as "recreational science". See the clip below and view it in its entirety by clicking on the link titled: CBC News under resources listed at the bottom of this page.

In conclusion, genetic ancestry home kits provide below .1% evidence to their customers pertaining to DNA associations with other people from around the world. You are receiving speculations and informed guesses determined by the scientist(s) looking at any of the given DNA codes they receive if you accept the results that these companies provide through the mail. Keep in mind, once you submit your DNA to these companies, they are legally protected if they decide to use your DNA for any other reason they see beneficial for them. May seem hard to believe for some, and if so just do a little research on the ACTUAL SuperWoman Ms. Henrietta Lacks.


Henry Louis Gates - Whole video

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