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This Was Business! 15 levelheaded reasons why millions of "West Africans" never arrived to America

Updated: Dec 19, 2022

I am sure you have heard of the notorious narrative that 10+ million "Africans" were forced from their homes into ship hulls and transported to America over the duration of roughly 400 years? Well, what you may not know is that this narrative is a complete distortion of antiquity.

Listed below are fifteen levelheaded reasons to help show Europeans could NOT have transported millions of "Africans" to North, Central or South America.

1) Vessel size (vessels were not designed to carry large groups of ADDITIONAL people)

2) Limited storage (crewmen used as much space as possible to sleep, store food, water, weapons, etc.)

3) The journey (the average crewman scantily embodied the strength and prowess for self-care)

4) Time (each vessel could take between 6-8 months from Europe to West Africa to America)

5) Barbary (Europeans were captured and made slaves between the 16th and 19th century - with "West Africans"?)

6) Investment (For merchants to arrive with healthy bodies - healthy European bodies was cost effective)

7) Health ("Africans" could not have survived 2-3 consecutive months of intaking their own body fluids)

8) Bodies ("Africans" would have developed severe body blisters, respiratory viruses, and psychological damage)

9) Wars (European countries and "American Indians" were regularly at war - 1609-1924)

10) Europeans (millions of Europeans were also transported to America during the time of the "African slave trade")

11) Numbers (10mil / 400years / 12months = 2,083 "African" bodies being transported every month for 400 years)

12) Survival (Europeans needed the help of American inhabitants to survive in America, not Africans)

13) Walking ("African" slavers and slaves needed nourishment to walk 150-300 miles to the shore and onto a sailboat)

14) Trade (Europeans wouldn't trade essential goods for African bodies that needed additional resources)

15) Cost (Europeans would have depleted more resources trying to acquire "Africans")

This was business! Each of the listed elements would have had to happen in conjunction with one another. In fact, you could select any three of the levelheaded reasons and conclude the "Transatlantic Slave Trade" narrative that we have been conditioned to accept as truth is nothing more than a fairytale.

Europeans are simply given too much credit for something they were not prepared to do, and that's transport millions of "Africans" with millions of their own people from one continent to another through treacherous waters using sailboats with confined space. Europeans were fleeing their country and being transported as vagabonds and rejects during the same time period that they were allegedly transporting millions of "Africans". This feat was plainly impossible.

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